Business Areas


Working with prestigious engineering firms in the sector.

My Small Business

We have special equipment and designs for micro-industries.


Extensive experience in the installations of slaughterhouses of all kinds.

Fish Processing

We design the installations according to the type of fish that is to be processed.

Ice Factory

We have machines for producing ice in flakes, cubes or blocks.

Freezing Tunnels

We manufacture and install all kinds and sizes.

Cold Logistics

We provide isothermal vans with eutectic plates.

Comercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration is one of our specialities.

Air Conditioning

The equipment we use is designed by the two best manufacturers in the world.

Cooling Chambers

Made of expanded polyurethane insulating panels.

After-Sales Service

We have an after-sales and warranty service for all our units and installations.

Disco Shop

One of the largest distributors of equipment, accessories and components for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

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